Yes – Scotland has a Future

On the 18th of September 2014,
Our nation will hold it’s breath,
For a Scotland made free,
A final pardon from death.

Yet it’s here in our hands,
No need to inhale,
If we unite as one Yes,
How can we possibly fail?

With a show of hands,
And in just a few short hours,
The grip of the south,
Will relinquish their powers.

What’s to decide?
What’s really at stake?
A Scotland bound in chains?
Or a nation finally awake?

Can we really concede,
That things are fine as they are?
When our vote is ignored,
And we are ruled from afar?

The decision is ours,
To stand on our own,
To watch a Scotland in bloom,
To see a nation reborn.

The time it is now,
It has finally arrived,
After years of hard struggle,
And the decades we’ve strived.

If we awake to a ‘No’,
We’ll have no one to blame,
For a country that’s forever,
Ruled over with shame.

But imagine for a moment,
We wake up to a ‘Yes’,
The possibilities that abound,
Mean we can start afresh.

To bring back our nation,
Let it thrive, let it breathe,
To belong to a Scotland,
You’ll never want to leave.

To cherish our own,
To nurture and savour,
To recapture that blend,
Known as Scotland’s true flavour.

We are a character that’s strong,
A country economically sound,
With plenty to offer,
And yes – we’ll keep the pound.

Look to the Tories or UKIP,
if you remain in any doubt,
To see a future for Scotland,
That has no way out.

So when September arrives,
Stand proud and vote Yes,
For a Scotland that won’t tolerate,
Anything less.

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To The Bard

He crossed the line, with words sublime,
He dared to share his dreams,
With thoughts of roses, and stuck up noses,
And lives ripped and torn at the seams.

Whether ballad or verse, or traditional address,
His thoughts in Scots laid bare,
From political banter, to Tam O’ Shanter,
Every word set down with due care.

Through his highs and his lows, through the tales of his woes,
He whiled away the hours,
To the reader he shared, to the reader who cared,
Such words can have meaning and power.

He pushed life to the brink, with his love of the drink,
And we were lost in his flights of fancy,
He loved to live, and lived to love,
Sending Ae fond kiss to Nancy.

From the famous lines of Auld Lang Syne,
All over the world renowned,
To that wee sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie,
Whose panic we all felt rebound.

To the man whose inspiration, fired the nation,
To look at the equality of men,
I take up a dram, to that well kent man,
Again and again and again

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The Dream of Something New

Too many days are lost,
On dreams of something new,
Fleeting thoughts are born,
That will never make it through.

Wasted moments in time,
Shards and shreds of hope,
Tiny trinkets of trivia,
That help you to cope.

A glance; a smile; a whisper,
That house upon the hill,
The dream of space and silence,
And the struggle to fulfil.

The constraints of life abound,
With such energy and force,
Suppressing all your dreams,
Rooting them out at the source.

And in one fell swoop,
Crashing to the floor,
Your dreams are shattered,
Too painful to ignore.

And so the heart is hardened,
And the soul is slowly sinking ,
Dreams are locked away,
With it too the hurt of thinking.

Distanced from desires,
Isolated from all wishes,
Choking in past chances,
You dream of all the near misses.

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Can You?

Can you crush a heart that’s broken,
One that’s twisted, torn in two?
Can you bleed a lifeless soul,
One that’s meant to be with you?

Can you stifle all the love?
Suffocate the caring mind?
Drain the thoughts of all we shared,
Killing anything that’s kind.

Can you while away the hours,
Chasing shadows of the past?
Can you wipe out all the good times,
Ones we swore would last and last?

Can you simply walk away,
After all we shared together?
Is it easy to let go,
When we said we’d last forever?

Can you tell me you don’t care,
Can you say that you don’t love me?
As you turn to walk away,
Can you see how much you’ve hurt me?

Can I bear to be alone and broken,
Will I ever love again?
Can I live my life in the shadows,
Someone tell me where and when.

Can I crush a heart that’s broken
One that’s trusted, now torn in two?
Can I wipe away the tears,
And the memories of you?

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The Sycamore and the Half Moon

There stands a lone Sycamore tree,
Leaves swaying in the breeze,
Beyond the snow topped mountains,
Towering o’er with striking ease.

The vast and luscious land,
Spread out before my eyes,
Pulls me ever nearer,
As I watch the half moon rise.

Solitude and silence,
Are mine to savour here,
Between the sycamore and half moon,
As the clouds begin to clear.

And in the dusky moonlight,
I look towards the skies,
And in my mind I’m running free,
Far from all the lies.

The shadow of the sycamore,
Is thrown across me now,
And in a darkened blanket,
I lay and wondered how.

These scenes of simple beauty,
Can fill me with such awe,
The vastness of the mountains,
And nature proudly raw.

And for those few hours after dusk,
I let all my troubles slide,
Between the sycamore and half moon,
Is where my heart will e’er abide.

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Daring To Wish

Suddenly I see it,
For what it really is,
And suddenly I notice,
That time has gone amiss.

An age of recognition,
Is reflected before me,
And I see in my eyes,
A sadness that’s torn me.

A moment of weakness,
That opened my heart,
To a realisation that,
Life is played in parts.

Stealing a secret,
Daring to wish,
All lost on me,
Until we shared that last kiss.

Now guilt mixed with fear,
Have consumed my day,
But try as I might,
I can’t stay away.

Forgive me, forget me,
Leave me standing here,
But know in your heart,
My love for you is clear.

Deny it, defy it,
Turn and walk away,
I will wait a lifetime
For in my heart you’ll stay.

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The Solace and The Sunset

At the rivers edge I sit,
As day turns into night,
The solace and the sunset,
Fill my soul with light.

The water slowly winding,
Around the mountainside,
Silence fills the air,
As the sun begins to hide.

And as I sit there still,
The night is growing cold,
I look towards the heavens,
To a sky of pink and gold.

The scenery now a blur,
As memories fill my eyes,
And once again I’m lost,
In a world of love and lies.

A flicker from the past,
Causing me to shiver,
Shakes me to the now,
And how I wish you’d never ~

Crushed my heart with love,
Filled my head with hope,
Led me to a place where,
without you I can’t cope.

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