Tear Me A Shadow

Tear me a shadow
To walk in the dark
Catch me a whisper
For fear of the spark

Distract me with small talk
Fill me with tea
Stand in awkward silence
With eyes of sympathy

Two sides of knowing
Both bear the pain
Incapable of showing
Tears of heavy rain

Tell me you love me
Hold me so tight
Throw away the shadow
And make the future bright

Whatever the timescale
To know you are there
With whispers to tell me
Your here and you care


About caledoniapoems

All comments to any of my written pieces are welcome - good, bad and even the downright ugly. My aim is to improve with each piece and you can help me achieve this.
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4 Responses to Tear Me A Shadow

  1. I REALLY like this one, it’s one of my favourites. Very honest and true.

  2. cinnamon blues says:

    The warmth of the poem really comes through. I love it.

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