Soaked In Silence

As tears fall down,
Around your face,
I see your hurt,
As we embrace.

Behind the pain,
Beyond the tears,
Your eyes reveal,
The hidden fears.

Soaked in silence,
Drenched in fear,
Call my name,
It’s safer here.

Filled with dread,
Tarnished with guilt,
Feelings left behind,
The wall you’ve built.

Talk to me,
Through salty tears,
Let me wash away,
Those tortured years.

Together we can,
Start anew,
Together we can,
See it through.


About caledoniapoems

All comments to any of my written pieces are welcome - good, bad and even the downright ugly. My aim is to improve with each piece and you can help me achieve this.
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35 Responses to Soaked In Silence

  1. slpmartin says:

    Quite a wonderful offer to make to someone…the true support of love….well said here.

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  3. Kay Salady says:

    Very good – nice flow. Thank you!

  4. Jingle says:

    Talk to me,
    Through salty tears,
    Let me wash away,
    Those tortured years.

    beautiful, hopeful, and wonderful lines, love the uplifting attitude, Happy Rally.

  5. Dayang says:

    This is really good – the story as well as the rhyming.

  6. A beautiful piece, reminds me very much of a past love

  7. tigerbrite says:

    A beautiful poem of hope for the future.

  8. cinnamon blues says:

    Well-written, evocative poem.

  9. kyleorchid says:

    Great yet again – always thought provoking and beautiful to read

  10. Wonderful tempo and rhythm and such touching and lovely sentiments.

  11. Ector Ward says:

    Words from a true friend. They carry healing.

  12. beautiful imagery… a poem I will definitely come back too. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  13. mathew docherty says:

    Lovely and so true. Beautiful words. Hope it goes from strength to strength with your poetry

  14. Natasha says:

    Love the rhythm, the pacing, the rhyme, the message! Like it just flowed from your pen already written. Beautiful!

  15. Compassionate poetry. Really moving.

  16. beautiful expression. smiles.

    Greetings, how are you?

    Inviting you to join our poetry potluck today,

    Week 43 is free verse week, submit 1 to 3 random poems, enjoy the fun!

    Hope to see you soon.
    Happy Tuesday.
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  17. booguloo says:

    Enjoyed your Poem very much.

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