Tomorrow Time

Tomorrow, there’ll be time then,
When I’m not tired and waning,
Tomorrow, there’ll be time when,
It has finally stopped raining.

To do something nice,
We’ll make a plan,
Leave the house early,
Let’s see if we can.

We’ll spend the whole day,
The three of us together,
We’ll have such fun,
We’ll wish it could last forever

Tomorrow – yes,
that’s what we’ll do,
We’ll make up a picnic,
And head for the zoo

Tomorrow – when I’ve finished the chores,
And the days work is done,
We’ll make it a day,
To go have some fun

Tomorrow – yes
When I’ve slept the night through,
And we all feel refreshed
Let’s go to the zoo

Tomorrow time is that moment when,
Dreams are made,
and plans are laid,
That in time will fade.


About caledoniapoems

All comments to any of my written pieces are welcome - good, bad and even the downright ugly. My aim is to improve with each piece and you can help me achieve this.
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18 Responses to Tomorrow Time

  1. beautiful expressions, well penned piece.
    keep it up.

    invite you to take our week 5 writing challenge,
    anything comes to mind would be awesome to share,
    hope to see your in.
    Happy Saturday.

  2. A wonderful bit of poetry. Very smooth and flowing, and a good sentiment, as well.

    My entry:

  3. fiveloaf says:

    sad that it has to fade.. a reflective piece of regret.. from me

  4. Cherlyn says:

    A beautiful poem – I love that excitement and hope of looking forward to tomorrow. I wonder if you’re from the caledonia near where I live (Burlington). If so, hurray fellow Ontarian!

    Thank you for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Morning says:

    insightful and smart thoughts..
    thanks for sharing…

  6. magher1 says:

    Beautiful and carefree at the beginning… The end leaves the uncomfortable feeling of sorrow that all of these are mere dreams. Very cleverly put together. I like it!

  7. ShonEjai says:

    Beautifully written! And very true!

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