Seven Seconds

Imagine just for a second,
The skies were deep and dark and blue,
The Clouds were floating soft and low,
The sun was setting just for you.

Imagine just for a second,
Time was precious, time was new,
stealing moments in the dark,
Catching candles to see it through.

Imagine just for a second,
In the deepest of the seas,
From a time to the tide,
There was a will to please.

Imagine just for a second,
That I could paint you with my eyes,
I could read you from afar,
I could separate your lies.

Imagine just for a second,
The truth was open, the truth was worn,
Laid bare for all to see,
Ofttimes tattered, sometimes torn.

Imagine just for a second,
Life was your working tool,
To shape and mould at will,
To lead that life to the full.

Now imagine just for one second more,
I can see you now – as you really are,
Can you tell me truly,
You are happy thus far?


About caledoniapoems

All comments to any of my written pieces are welcome - good, bad and even the downright ugly. My aim is to improve with each piece and you can help me achieve this.
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24 Responses to Seven Seconds

  1. slpmartin says:

    Very fine poem…love the series of questions leading to the final lines.

  2. Ruchira says:

    Brilliant! I fell in love with the poem by the fourth line, and the last stanza just blew my mind.

  3. AliB says:

    this is really nice, although a couple of bits I didn’t quite ‘get’. ‘From a time to the tide’? Also felt the last stanza was halting in some way – I think ‘just for one second more’ disturbs the rhythm? But it has a lovely ring – very engaging. thanks for posting.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Very elegant. I loved the lines, “Imagine for just one second that I could paint you with my eyes…” Sometimes one second is all it takes for the truth to settle in – whether good or not. I’m glad I found you through the Challenge! I love Scotland and writing and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your works!


  5. Irene says:

    Lovely lines.

  6. Ina says:

    This poem imagined its way to my imagination, lovely.

  7. very beautiful imaginations, thanks for the delight.


  8. Ann LeFlore says:

    What a brilliant poem and I fell in love with it so easily

  9. you got the talent here, profound entry.


  10. manicddaily says:

    Lovely, surprising, very lyrical.

  11. Wonderful! A very creative take on the prompt πŸ™‚

  12. incredible.

    What charming poetry you have posted here.

    Invite you to share 1 to 3 poems with us, anything could fit the theme of object,

    Hope to see you in.

    Happy Writing..

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