There Was A Life

There was a life ~
A vocation – a career,
Working hard, playing hard,
Year after year ~

Where is it now I wonder?
The laughter and even the tears.
It’s here in a different form,
Hidden deep amongst the fears.

Life is very different now,
No comforts, no room for wealth.
The Career is over too but –
My vocation is now my children’s health.

Diagnosed with Autism – one,
And then with Autism – two,
These things don’t come in isolation,
And they share a certain taboo.

As teenagers they need nurture and support,
Guidance and a network of care.
They need people that they can trust,
And a government that is fair.

They have no network of care,
They have no government fair,
They have only a mother to guide them,
Tell me our situation is rare?

And now we live on benefits,
Carers Support and DLA,
Stripped of our lives, our dignity,
Both benefits soon to be stripped away.

The humiliation of benefits,
Is embarrassing for all to see,
No education for them,
And a useless degree for me.

Let’s cut to the chase,
You want me to work.
Put the provisions in place,
And you won’t see me shirk.

But the budget is tight,
And the funding is low,
Waiting lists high,
There is nowhere to go.

You see I worry for their future,
The one when I’m not here,
They need a home and a job,
Their security is what I fear.

I need to secure them a house,
That they can call their own,
Instead I feel useless, redundant

And at the top and standing tall
With power to rule – the politicians,
The high and the mighty,
With their ruthless ambitions.

Their scandals swept aside,
Not least their expenses,
No humiliation for them,
At their weak defences.

Put a cap on the needy,
Cut the DLA ~
Make them suffer enough,
And pray they go away.

Watch the vulnerable fall,
The weak become weaker,
Capping and cutting ~
The meek become meeker.

Stand tall – politicians,
For the moral of the story,
You’ve exceeded expectations,
As the Lib- Dems are now Tory.

The Tories never fail to
Live up to their name –
As a Government who penalise,
The vulnerable without shame.


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5 Responses to There Was A Life

  1. slpmartin says:

    The very governments that fail to provide for children in their own country…spends significant funds to pay bribes to foreign dictators…I wonder how they sleep at night.

  2. It doesn’t get any better does it? It’s the same here. All politicians need to get in touch with reality and the people who are suffering. You’ve expressed that well here. I’m sorry if this is your situation. I wish there was something I could do 😦

  3. It makes me feel sick what they are doing, people who actually need this money are getting it taking away from them yet footballers are getting a pay rise!! Take their money away all they do is kick a ball!!

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