Right on time,
as if on cue,
I gave birth
On the day you were due

No messing around,
No time to waste,
Delivery was fast,
You arrived with haste,

On the 19th of February
A Saturday in 1994,
I saw my baby boy,
And you made my heart soar,

With tiny fingers,
You were a bundle of joy,
With tiny toes too,
You were a perfect baby boy.

Watching you grow,
From baby to man,
Is a journey I treasure,
As a mother I can.

Now a young man,
Turning 18 today,
How proud you have made me,
I’m happy to say.

Happy birthday Andrew,
May your day be great,
18 is a milestone,
It’s one special date.

I wish you love and happiness,
And a day filled with joy,
Happy birthday Andrew,
My handsome baby boy.


About caledoniapoems

All comments to any of my written pieces are welcome - good, bad and even the downright ugly. My aim is to improve with each piece and you can help me achieve this.
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6 Responses to 18

  1. slpmartin says:

    Thanks for sharing his poem with us.

  2. Aww… straight from a mother’s heart and I bet you’re wondering where all those years went. Very touching ❤

  3. I love you so much, Mum. 🙂

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