Sunset Mountain

The green of the hills,
The blue of the skies,
The pain in your heart,
And that look in your eyes.

Filled with such sorrow,
Treading with care,
Afraid of the emotions,
That carry you there.

Off to the mountains,
Wandering the mire,
Losing all track of time,
Until your heart it does tire.

Of the city below,
And the people therein,
And the effort involved,
And the noise and the din.

As the sun starts to set,
And the air it turns cold,
And the lights on the city,
Start to twinkle in gold.

Walking more slowly,
With pain in my heart,
Once more to the city,
To play out my part.

I dream of the day,
I can wander once more,
Amongst the mountains and hills,
Where my heart it can soar.

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Too afraid to say it,
Too emotional to play it,
To close to lose it,
Too slow to use it.

I care, I do,
I swear, I do,
I felt it too,
Did you?

The here and now,
The why and how,
Don’t matter now,
Do you?

The stab of pain,
The look of disdain,
The feeling of shame,
Remind me.

Why I batten the hatch,
Put on the latch,
Deny any match,

It’s safer this way,
It paves the way,
For a carefree day,

Should I meet your gaze,
Look upon your face,
Share a warm embrace,

I will hold that dream,
Till it rips the seam,
Hear the muffled scream,

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Shallow Kisses

It seems in dreams we wander,
Through dark and shallow times,
We face the night together,
Casting off the ties that bind.

In flukes it looks as though we’re winning,
As we stumble and fumble through each day,
Casually picking up some snippets,
That help us through, or so we say.

It appears in fears we linger,
Letting in the doubts of old,
Standing now in isolation,
As the pang of dread takes hold.

But in the end we tend to falter,
As doubt creeps into the dreams we share,
Turning wishes to shallow kisses,
Trapped by the ties of those who’ve dared.

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I Thought I Saw You Today

I thought I saw you today,
I know I didn’t,
I wished it was you today,
As I stood hidden.

From where I stood,
You looked the same,
And for a moment,
I whispered your name.

I thought I saw you today,
I know it’s not true,
But as I watched,
My heart it grew.

To see your face,
To watch you smile,
To walk with you,
And talk a while.

I thought I saw you today,
It made me sad,
I wish I’d saw you today,
I really wish I had.

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Walk With Me

Call on the soul,
To ensure mortality,
Call on the mind,
To form rationality,
Call on the heart,
To tear up all reason,
Call on life itself,
To begin a new season.

Look to the skies,
And fill up the lungs,
Look beyond to the heavens,
To feel forever young,
Look to the oceans,
For a wave of inspiration,
Look to the hills,
For quiet isolation.

When the soul is destroyed,
And the mind is confused,
The heart keeps on pumping,
With reasons and views.
Life carries on,
Breathing and growing,
Seasons come and go,
Without even knowing.

The skies full of blue,
In the glistening sun,
The heavens are open,
For all and everyone,
The oceans so vast,
And as deep as the soul,
The hills lift me up,
And make me feel whole.

And the soul that was lost,
And the mind so confused,
Are restored by the sounds,
And the sights that are viewed.
To breathe in the air,
And walk through the glens,
Keeps a focus on life,
And the heart it is cleansed.

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Call me after midnight,
As I walk the night alone,
Tortured in my visions,
Of a heart made out of stone.

Can’t sleep for fear of you,
Playing havoc with my head,
In dreams you say you love me,
Still I wake to an empty bed.

Where are you now I wonder?
As I sit the night out here,
Can’t close my eyes to sleep,
With you no longer near.

My memories are fading,
As I think of days now past,
Twisted day dreams in the night,
And the images never last.

It’s a lonely place – ‘the night’,
Time ticking by so slow,
I can watch the city sleep,
But how I miss you so.

And as the night comes to an end,
I lay down my head to sleep,
The daylight rushes in,
And my eyes begin to weep.

Another night now over,
As the days turn into years,
I know that I will see you,
As I sleep amongst the tears.

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Scottish Book Trust

A revised version of my poem – ‘Caledonia Green’ has been posted on The Scottish Book Trust’s website as part of the ‘MyfavouritePlace’ project – i would love you all to read it and leave comments/feedback 

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